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Board of Directors


Sheryl Goodson President
Shelley Anthony President-Elect
Laura Brewer 1st Vice President (Charity Ball)
Phyllis Kessel 2nd Vice President
(Grant Allocations)
Lisa de Oliveira 3rd Vice President
(Membership-Directory, Dues, Ball Obligations)
Pat Sherman 4th Vice President
(Volunteer Services)
Vicki Olson 5th Vice President
Sara Schroeder 6th Vice President
(Meeting Arrangements)
Mary Ann McDuff 7th Vice President
Erin Key 8th Vice President
(Special Events & Projects)
Krystal Alvarado 9th Vice President
(Membership-Recruitment and Retention)
Deborah Cottle 10th Vice President
(Data, Information Services)
Laurea Irving Recording Secretary
Caryn Riggs Treasurer
Terri Guthrie Past President

The following individuals were placed in nomination by the Nominating Committee as referred from the general membership:

Maritza Cates Members-at-Large
(Corresponding Secretary)